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Updats and adaptations

We provide all kinds of updating and adaptation in order to increase performance and extend the life of your installed machines.
Among other, the most common are:

Auxiliary drilling head. The drilling head is a very good complement to the cutter. It allows to make holes or milling jobs. Depending on the level of automation of each machine, more or less diversity of works can be done.
It is mounted on the side of the disk support. It has central compressed air ejection door and cooling system for the tool.

Renew the table. The table is the part of the cutter that suffers more. The weight of the blocks or slabs to cut, the rubbing when loading and unloading, the constant contact with the water during the cut, make it suffer more important wear than the rest of parts of the machine. This wear implies incorrect work and can lead to precision problems in the work done.
A very good option to extend the life of the cutter, is to renew the table. In the majority of machines the bridge is very well conserved and can withstand the work of many years. Changing the old table to a new one is a cheaper way of brand new machine!

Renew the control box. The control box allows the operator to control and operate with the machine. It is indispensable and it must be in good condition. The different components that compose it (articulated arm, screen programmer, speed controller, movement levers, etc.) require proper maintenance and eventually require renewal. With a renewed control box, the operator can work in a more comfortable, agile and secure way, thus helping to ensure good results from the work done.

Software updates. With the aim of constantly improving our products, new versions of the software that controls the machine have been developed. Each new version includes improvements to facilitate the work with the machine, making it easier and agile, trying to minimize dead hours and possible operational errors.
A good way to improve the performance of the machine is to replace the current software for a newer one. Not all versions are compatible with all machines. It is necessary to study each case.
Do not hesitate to ask us which improvements can be applied to your machine.

Adaptations to comply EC regulations. The EC regulations regulate, among others, questions related to the safety of the machines. It is important and obligatory for all machines to comply. Machines manufactured for years may not be adapted to this regulation because it was not yet in force. In these cases, some minor modifications must be made to the machine in order to comply with the regulations.
Making a small intervention will work more safely and save you sanctions.